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  • All about dumplings

    5 June, 2020 by

    Wether you were lucky and your mom made them just for you or you would get them in your local asian neighbourhood, chances are that you’ve already ate a type of dumpling in your lifetime. But the truth is that, no matter in what way you were introduced to this paradise wrapped in dough, dumplings… Read more

  • Carbonara alla Francesco

    28 September, 2019 by

    Personally, I’ve never met an Italian who doesn’t know how to make carbonara; everybody knows how to do it and they all claim to do it the right way or alla romana. But the truth is they all make a different and mildly personalised carbonara and this is my version!

  • 5 June, 2020 by

    Cooking is about emotion, it’s about culture, it’s about love, it’s about memory. Massimo Bottura

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